Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The demo will be put together shortly. Considering that we all are facing the blow of our economy being in the shithole (with no end in sight) we're looking at ways of trying to put this together for free. The finished product will be posted when we have it. Expect it a picture of it in a week. I do not want this demo to be downloadable before we release it in hard copy. These days bands start up, record a demo, post it on messageboards for download and that's that. We don't want to do that. Those who like or care enough about our music will come see us live and receive a demo. Those that don't care enough won't listen to us until we put the demo up...thems the breaks. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get a demo in your order at HELLFISH clothing.

Other news: We recorded this demo as a two piece, and now we have a full band. Shows will happen in the near future, after a few practices of course. Writing for another release has begun and will continue until our hands and your ears bleed.

To answer the infamous question: "Why the band name "Children Of God"?"

Given that the majority of people in our world believe in god or some kind of deity, we named ourselves Children of God simply because we are descenders. If we are the children of god then we are the children that resent their father. In his eyes we are flawed, and as descenders we embrace these flaws and use it in music.

Take that answer, or take the answer where we say the two founding members are greatly influenced by Swans and love their album. Take the former though.

This is it, and that is all.