Monday, January 9, 2012

These words...

Hello all, I apologize for not ever updating this thing. Things have been going pretty well on this side of the fence.

A lot has happened since this last writing...I'll make points.
- Recorded with Chris Owens (Lords) for the split with Seven Sisters Of Sleep
- Played a show with Gehenna, NAILS, Seven Sisters, Mistake, Creatures to celebrate the release of that record
- We have gotten great reviews from blogs, magazines, etc. etc. for our new stuff...really humbling and great to know our art is being appreciated
- Played a couple shows here and there to dust off the old songs
- That's about it

We will be going into the studio to record a new song for the new ALL ABOUT FRIENDS (think of the 90's) compilation being put out by none other than the great Rich Hall and friends. We will be sharing the record with some great bands.

We have been playing the song that will be on the compilation at our recent shows...if you've seen us lately you'll know what to expect.

We just got a practice space to finally call home. We will be in album hibernation road...we have a few songs that we have been playing that will be on the LP...we will not give our selves a can't rush creativity. Expect some new things, new sounds, new sights, new's all part of the evolution.

I think that is all.

Here are some links...
A389 - Split LP
Big Cartel - 7inch EP
Facebook - News
Bandcamp - Noise

We'll be back...I hope.