Tuesday, March 15, 2011

from the abyss

Hello all,

Our little stint with Braveyoung was great. If you missed them on this tour I feel sorry for you...really sorry.

We will miss them...please buy their record that just came out...look here for information on how to purchase it.

We managed to acquire 15 records for this little stint and we managed to sell them all which gives me hope. 10 of those records had hand written inserts the rest of them had printed lyrics in them.

This little stint gave us a little thirst for tour...hopefully to those few who are reading these transmissions will get to see us soon...if you haven't.

More news later...

Monday, March 7, 2011

the south will rise again

A micro-update...for those of you that read this.

We are playing with our North Carolina friends Braveyoung as they come down the west coast.

Thursday 3/10 - San Francisco at the Sub-mission art space. (2183 Mission St)
Friday 3/11 - Santa Cruz at 105 Pioneer Street.
Saturday 3/12 - Santa Barbara at Foundation Press (5959 Hollister Ave).
Sunday 3/13 - Fullerton at the Riffhaus.

We will hopefully be going into a studio of sorts and recording new songs...we're getting tired of the same old set lists.

New shirts are ready and will be available at the upcoming shows.