Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A389 will be putting out a flexi with a song from the SSOS/COG recording sessions with Chris Owens. Dom has been nothing but good to us and he continues to want to work with us on our releases and we greatly appreciate him for that.

Dom will also be putting out a 7inch of a new song we recorded...it's a 10 minute song split up into two separate sides. The 7inch will come with a download link of the song in its entirety.

We are finishing writing a full lengths worth of material and I'm sure details will come about soon. Some of us have been out of town/busy with school/work/life so things here were put on the backburner but we're getting back in motion.

We also have a liveset featuring new songs that have yet to be unreleased (7inch/full length). Listen to it here.

That is all.