Monday, January 3, 2011

Best wishes for the end of times...

We haven't updated this in forever...

Where do I start? We had been hard at work writing for a split with a very very good band on A389...ironically that record label is the one who wants to work with us on that split. So...we have those songs ready to record and a possible flexi? I'm not really sure what we're doing with two songs we had written right after the EP and before the songs for the split.

On top of all this we have been writing songs for a full length. This band is not a full time things don't happen very fast and we do not play that often, which I think we all like/don't like.

We've played a handful of shows since our show with Integrity and we are hoping to play some more "bigger" shows in the near future.

We have test pressings from our 7inch EP and now they are being pressed. There was a mix up at the plant so the record was inevitably delayed.

I think that's it as far as our foreseeable future goes. Maybe I'll update this a little more.